Novel Sample: “Light Runner” – Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Pulse Lissa sat in the control room of the silver, blue and black ship, listening to the rhythmic hum of the systems as the ship bled stars and planets across its trail. It was a solid, comforting sound, steady as the beating of a strong heart. It helped keep her own heartrate in … More Novel Sample: “Light Runner” – Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

Review – Jade City

This book was incredible. I really liked Zeroboxer, but this is a whole new level of awesome. Fonda Lee continues to have some of the coolest concepts for her plots. Last time was zero gravity kickboxing, and this time, it’s magic-wielding gangsters. The plot alone is riveting, but it’s the characters that make it so. … More Review – Jade City