Review – Gemina

Whew, the Illuminae Files series is something else. I actually regret not shelling out for print copies of this one, since a lot of the formatting made it difficult to read on my Kindle. That’s part of its brilliance, though. (The formatting, I mean. Not the hard to read part.) This book starts with some … More Review – Gemina

Review – Blackout

4 stars on goodreads, 3.5 in my mind This is a solid finisher to the Newsflesh series, wrapping up a lot of threads while revealing a lot more truths than I expected. That said, the pacing didn’t feel as tight to me this time around, potentially because there was one point where the dual narrator … More Review – Blackout

Review – Deadline

The sequel to Feed does not disappoint. Maybe it does if you were looking for more zombies, but as is so often the case with this particular genre, the monsters aren’t the walking undead. They’re the living people making conscientious decisions to screw absolutely everyone else over. I wasn’t too keen on Shaun as a … More Review – Deadline

Review – Feed

Twitter told me that this was probably the best and worst time to read the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire). After finishing Feed, I can honestly say… It was not wrong. On the on hand, there’s a weird sense of catharsis in seeing viral outbreaks leading to fictionalized events like zombie outbreaks … More Review – Feed