Star Federation Database: Criminal Record – Myrikanj

Name: Myrikanj Species: Yukarian Sex: Female Gender: Female Date of Arrest: 10.02.0056 AW Notable Physical Traits: Slightly paler blue skin than Yukarian norm. Dark blue tattoo on forehead just above antennae joint (obtained after imprisonment). Charge(s): Smuggling of weapons, illegal hallucinogenic spices; evasion of territorial taxation law; evasion of galactic taxation law; aiding and abetting … More Star Federation Database: Criminal Record – Myrikanj

BookCon 2017 Update

BookCon 2017 is drawing closer, and I’m smack in the middle of prep work. I have my printed books ready to go–all checked for quality and consistency–a lot of plush in the works, and some additional merch. Let’s take a look: First up, the arkin beanies! I have 15 made, and plan on making 15 … More BookCon 2017 Update

Review – Graceling

I went back and forth on my feelings of this book from beginning to end. On the positive side, there are several compelling, interesting characters. The main character Katsa’s growth and development is deep and complex, and her changing view of her Grace—a supernatural skill that a rare few a blessed (or cursed) with—is striking … More Review – Graceling

Star Federation Database: Mezoran Species

For the indigenous planet, see Mezora [database entry coming soon]. A species that was self-isolated from the galaxy until recent trade establishment, Mezorans are a large and physically imposing species. In spite of this, they place great value on their ability to keep peace on their own planet, and enforce their policies through strict justice … More Star Federation Database: Mezoran Species