Star Federation Database: Criminal Record – Myrikanj

Name: Myrikanj Species: Yukarian Sex: Female Gender: Female Date of Arrest: 10.02.0056 AW Notable Physical Traits: Slightly paler blue skin than Yukarian norm. Dark blue tattoo on forehead just above antennae joint (obtained after imprisonment). Charge(s): Smuggling of weapons, illegal hallucinogenic spices; evasion of territorial taxation law; evasion of galactic taxation law; aiding and abetting … More Star Federation Database: Criminal Record – Myrikanj

Star Federation Database: Mezoran Species

For the indigenous planet, see Mezora [database entry coming soon]. A species that was self-isolated from the galaxy until recent trade establishment, Mezorans are a large and physically imposing species. In spite of this, they place great value on their ability to keep peace on their own planet, and enforce their policies through strict justice … More Star Federation Database: Mezoran Species

Star Federation Database: Yukarians

One of the three dominant races of the galaxy, Yukarians originated from the planet Yukara, located within the Aurora Star System. The territory they control is the second-largest independent sector in the galaxy, greater even than human-controlled space. Unlike the reclusive Hyrunians, however, Yukarians have maintained open relations with the Star Federation and have granted movement … More Star Federation Database: Yukarians

Novel Sample: “Unbroken Light” – Chapter 1 & Chapter 4

Chapter 1: Dawn Sunlight sliced the clouds, cutting clean, unbroken paths through the sky. The light slammed across the surface of the planet, carving out the landscape. The darkness retreated before the dawn, shadows fleeing and scattering a million different ways before the light could wash them out. There were some shards of the night … More Novel Sample: “Unbroken Light” – Chapter 1 & Chapter 4

Novel Sample: “Chasing Shadows” – Prologue & Chapter 1

Prologue: Hunt The leaves rustled softly as Lissa shifted. The roughness of the tree bark pushed through her clothes and the cold night air bit down to her skin, but boredom gnawed at her more than anything else. Waiting is the worst part. She pulled her enerpulse pistol out of its holster and examined the … More Novel Sample: “Chasing Shadows” – Prologue & Chapter 1