The Arkin Plush Army

After countless hours embroidering, tracing, cutting, sewing, stuffing, and finishing by hand, they have finally arrived in all their glory. And with watermarks on their photos this time, too. You remember the first batch of arkin plushies, right? They were all beanies and came in mostly neutral hues. Gold, red, and blue were the exceptions. … More The Arkin Plush Army

Arkin Plush – From Sketches to Completion

As you may or may not know, I’m offering arkin plushies as a reward for higher level pledges for my Kickstarter campaign for Unbroken Light. What are arkins? They are large, winged, catlike creatures that appear in my science fiction series The Star Hunters, and they make great companions, both in the books and in plush-form in … More Arkin Plush – From Sketches to Completion