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For more information on the dominant native species, see: Mezorans.

A large, rocky planet located within Star Federation-controlled space, Mezora is one of the few planets within this territory that does not recognize the galactic military’s authority. Mezora declared its independence at the beginning of the Andromedan War, choosing to abstain from fighting as well as any diplomatic ties. The planet has a history of extreme isolation that has only recently been broken by newly established trade routes, though Mezora has always kept communication lines open to news throughout the galaxy. The natives are well-versed in the Galactic Unified Voice, thought with little to no true cultural exchange, their dialect is noticeably stilted and formal.

Mezora is the sixth planet from its large, blue sun. It’s vegetation grows red and purple, and the gases given off by the plants give the planet an atmosphere similar to the density of Earth’s. The Mezoran atmosphere is toxic to most non-indigenous species, however. While touch alone is not enough to prove deadly, humans are not able to breathe the air for more than thirty seconds at most. It is said that humans can only take three breaths of Mezoran air. The first will make them light on their feet. The second, light in their head. The third, too light for their own body, and their life will float away.

planet-exploration-mezora-printsMezora is orbited by two large moons, both of which are mined by the Mezoran population, though sparingly and with strict excavation rules. The materials taken from the moons are used predominantly for building, and are so strong and sturdy that Mezoran architects and engineers have been able to design buildings that defy most laws of physics on other planets. Mezoran architecture is considered one of the most bizarre and mesmerizing constructed sights in the galaxy, and seeing a Mezoran city is considered a required pilgrimage for dedicated space travelers. Not everyone can afford to see such sights, but thanks to the recent lift on Mezora’s travel ban, video and still images of the planet’s architecture have begun to spread throughout the galaxy.

To live on Mezora, one must obtain sponsorship from a Mezoran. While not discouraging of the arts, the planet’s society places such strict value on communal contribution that immigration to the planet is a mild trickle at best, and only those who make concrete contributions to the economic and/or social spheres are granted sponsorship. Visitors are cautiously welcomed, but will be monitored the moment they enter the atmosphere, and forcefully deported if they overstay their welcome. Violators of Mezoran law are treated harshly, with the society observing capital punishment far more than anywhere else in Star Federation-controlled space. The Star Federation strongly urges caution when visiting Mezora, and discourages recreational trips to the independent world.


This post is related to my science fiction series The Star Hunters. Both those novels and this post are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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