The Arkin Plush Army

After countless hours embroidering, tracing, cutting, sewing, stuffing, and finishing by hand, they have finally arrived in all their glory. And with watermarks on their photos this time, too.

You remember the first batch of arkin plushies, right? They were all beanies and came in mostly neutral hues. Gold, red, and blue were the exceptions.

This time around, there are a few more outlandish colors in the mix. Hey, they’re highly adaptable aliens, right? No reason they can’t develop lilac, green, and orange fur if they settle in a habitat that demands those colors! This batch of beanies brings the plush total up to 30. (Not pictured: 2 Orion beanies that I finished a while ago and forgot to include in the photo shoot. Whoops.)

This time, though, there aren’t just beanies. Say hello to these five standing, bigger arkins, all made with a brand new pattern. They bring the total arkin count up to 35.


I worked really hard to bring these to life. They took a LOT more time than the beanies, but I’m very pleased with the end results and can’t wait to showcase them in person at BookCon in just a few days. (!!!)

Can’t believe how close that is. I’ve been prepping for so long that it really doesn’t feel like BookCon is just around the corner. This is exciting and nerve-wracking. I’ve never done such a big event, but I am looking forward to it.

Remember, I’m at Booth #2677. Hope to see some of you there!


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