Review – Earth & Sky

17875055I liked this book a lot, but there was something that kept me from falling in love with it. Granted, I read it while mostly exhausted from BookCon prep work, so if I’d read this at another time, I maybe could have ended up loving it. It certainly has some of my favorite elements: sci-fi, adventure, a central female character, a central female character who holds her own and reacts incredibly realistically to everything…

Let’s talk about that for a moment. Skylar is pretty much everything I’d want to see in a young adult heroine. She’s very distinctly a teenager, but she isn’t depicted as stupid or clumsy or weirdly blind to creepy things around her. Take her initial interactions with Win. Her first impression is that he’s cute. Okay, that’s cool, we all find other humans aesthetically pleasing on occasion. Then when he starts stalking her and her classmates, she treats him LIKE A STALKER. She becomes wary of him, the attraction fades, and she actually calls the cops on his creeper ass. Later, even after interacting with him further and coming to understand why he’s there, she continues to call him out when he is disrespectful. It’s actually pretty great. And he actually changes for the better because she does all this! She makes him see her as a person, and demands his respect. And I think that’s awesome.

Outside of that, though, there was nothing remarkable about the book. The time travel was… okay. I really appreciated the block on creating paradoxes, but a lot of what happened in the past didn’t seem to have as big an impact as I (or Skylar, for that matter) expected it to. The characters were all good, and the writing is clear, but outside of one event about 60% of the way through the story, nothing really took my breath away. I again think that being physically and mentally exhausted while reading had a big impact on my take away, but despite that, I think it’s a good book and a solid start to the series. I will, eventually, check out the next one. Which, based on the description, promises to be even more sci-fi heavy than this one.


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