Review – The Atlantis Gene

51sluf5zjml-_sy346_Another one for the Did Not Finish shelf, and for me, a greatly disappointing read.

This book sounded so interesting, and I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into it, but I only made it a little over 40% of the way through before I put it down. There is tons of action but it’s very, very shallow, adding nothing to the plot and almost desperately wanting to be an action movie instead of a book.

It reads a lot like The Da Vinci Code, so if you enjoyed that book, you may actually like this one. I think The Atlantis Gene cuts away from core action and character interactions far more than the Dan Brown novel does, though, so be forewarned before you go in: it’s very difficult to connect with any of the characters because you’ll be yanked away from them before you’re given the chance to start to care about them. So even though the core concept is interesting, it was impossible for me, personally, to want to keep reading. I also feel as though I’ve seen all of these characters done before, but better. And with a much better approach to sex and flirting. Just… ugh on that front.

The two mains have zero chemistry, but you can spot where their relationship is going from a mile away. I’m not interested in slogging through all of that for the sake of a plot I’m only mildly interested in at this point.

The villain is terrible, too. Just a bunch of stereotypical traits slapped together into a “pinnacle of evil” that the never-in-the-wrong heroes have to take down.

And the dialogue. If it’s not something inane that the characters are saying, it’s an info dump that stretches for a page and a half. There is no in between. If you can handle that, you may be interested in the concepts that get explained, but you’d be a far more patient reader than me.

Also, WHAT is with the need to end every chapter on a cliffhanger? It gets so old so fast. I don’t mind it once in a while or even at the end of a book but this was just too much. Your own experience with that may differ, but for me, I couldn’t get any further into this book for this reason, and the rest of the above.


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