The Arkin Plush Army

After countless hours embroidering, tracing, cutting, sewing, stuffing, and finishing by hand, they have finally arrived in all their glory. And with watermarks on their photos this time, too. You remember the first batch of arkin plushies, right? They were all beanies and came in mostly neutral hues. Gold, red, and blue were the exceptions. … More The Arkin Plush Army

Review – Silver Road

This is the sequel to Golden Age, which I really enjoyed. Sadly, this book is missing something its predecessor had. Or maybe it tries to do too much too fast. Chloe and Dion return, but Chloe’s character becomes very reactionary. Her previous independence and self-motivation peter out as the book progresses. Given the plot, that … More Review – Silver Road

Review – Golden Age

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even if it felt a little slow at times. The world building is very well done, creating a world filled with rich mythology and an intriguing fantasy race known as the eldran, shapeshifters who are often in danger of losing themselves. The eldran serve as a background element for most … More Review – Golden Age