Star Federation Database: Criminal Record – Myrikanj

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Name: Myrikanj

Species: Yukarian

Sex: Female

Gender: Female

Date of Arrest: 10.02.0056 AW

Notable Physical Traits: Slightly paler blue skin than Yukarian norm. Dark blue tattoo on forehead just above antennae joint (obtained after imprisonment).

Charge(s): Smuggling of weapons, illegal hallucinogenic spices; evasion of territorial taxation law; evasion of galactic taxation law; aiding and abetting purchase and resale of illegal, unregistered firearms. [Added at a later date:] Calling a Star Federation officer a “[Redacted] flying [redacted] forgotten piece of [redacted] Hyrunian [redacted] monger.”

Current Status: In Star Federation custody.

Current Location: Star Federation space station holding cell.

Behavioral Notes: Generally calm, avoids communicating with nearby prisoners, spends most of down time in Yukarian trances, eats willingly, agreeable temperament. [Added at a later date:] Rude, disrespectful, downright mean. Send someone else to interrogate her next time.

Known History: Born in Yukarian space. Emigrated to Star Federation space in early adulthood after rejecting Yukarian social ideology. Joined renegade crew captained by Samuel Montag [deceased]. Served as Primary Systems Technician on renegade starship Resolution. Operated under Montag at time of arrest. [Added at a later date:] Questioned on the ambush at Ametria and FCrd. Ashburn’s disappearance. Seemed willing to cooperate at first, openly giving information and opinions on involvement of Neo-Andromedan bounty hunter Shadow as well as FCrd. Ashburn’s reluctance to act during the attack. Refused to give any information on crew of starship Resolution and their activities prior to the events at Ametria. Became increasingly hostile as attempts to draw out more information dragged on. Interview concluded with her calling Lt. Mason a “[Redacted] flying [redacted] forgotten piece of [redacted] Hyrunian [redacted] monger.”

[Added recently:] FCrd. Keraun has marked her as Special Interest. Intentions classified.


This post is related to my science fiction series The Star Hunters. Both those novels and this post are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Shout out to B. P. for suggesting this entry!

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