BookCon 2017 Update

BookCon 2017 is drawing closer, and I’m smack in the middle of prep work. I have my printed books ready to go–all checked for quality and consistency–a lot of plush in the works, and some additional merch. Let’s take a look:

First up, the arkin beanies! I have 15 made, and plan on making 15 more. Blade is featured here, and Orion will be included in the next batch, so check back for him! I also am in the process of drafting a new pattern for a standing arkin plush with a more cartoony feel. I’m happy with the design but need to get the pattern drafted, tested, and perfected before I can start making them. I’d like to have 5 of those to bring to BookCon along with the 30 arkin beanies.

I am going to have a suitcase just filled to the brim with arkins.

Then there are the paperbacks. Chasing Shadows and Unbroken Light both got touched up a bit, so their covers are now consistent as far as layout goes. Unbroken Light is also much more vibrant in printed form. I also combed through both books and fixed the lingering typos. I’d meant to do that for a while now, but after my computer wiped itself of my files that one time and very nearly went for a short trip down a long flight of stairs, I just never got around to it. BookCon was a good reason to finally clean up both the covers and the text.

Book Covers

Then, on top of all that, I have planetary travel posters and brass keychains that I’ll have up for sale in my booth. Speaking of which…

I’M AT BOOTH #2677

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 8.29.11 PM

Based on the floor plan I have (which isn’t up on the site yet, from what I can tell), I’m in the BookCon only space, up near the food trucks. It’s in a corner of the exhibit hall, and my booth is one aisle over from the trucks, one space in from the main walkway. There should be several booths set up in my area, but if you’re attending the event, just look for the BookCon booth with the arkin plushies. 😉


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