Review – Time’s Divide

51tvheopqwl-_sy346_This is the final novel in the Chronos Files series. Overall, I liked the series a lot. It had some hiccups in my opinion, but I thought it was well done, engaging, and excellently plotted.

The nice thing about this series is that it doesn’t end with a neat little bow on top. So many things happened that a definitive ending to every thread would have felt contrived. Here, though, there’s certainly closure, but also a few threads that have ambiguous endings. And just as Kate will need to be content with not adjusting the timeline further and finding the answers to all of her questions, so will the readers.

My concern regarding Kiernan’s loyalties did get addressed, though I still think that the bridge novella Time’s Echo destroyed some of the tension. The second novella, Time’s Mirror, added far more to this story, so that one I highly recommend reading.

My bigger quip with this book is that we didn’t get to see as much of Katherine as I would have liked. A prominent figure in the first book, she quickly falls into the background in the subsequent ones. That’s chalked up to her illness accelerating but I would’ve like to see some final interaction between her and Prudence, given how much tension there was between them. And the fact that the plot of the entire series hinged on their (bad) relationship.

The final “battle” is also a bit weird. Spoiler: (Kate’s group does not get to face off against Saul. He is killed before they can get to him, and the final face-off is… not what I was hoping for. It’s a showdown with guns involving a lot of “who will, who won’t” pull the trigger.) I really would have preferred something else and not this sudden (small army takes on the secondary antagonist) turn. It just didn’t work for me and wasn’t as satisfying as it should have been.

It’s a good book, though, with a dose of action this time. Personally, I preferred the non-gun-slinging action of the other books, but overall, it was a pretty solid wrap to the series, and I’m looking forward to reading more from the author.


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