Review – Time’s Mirror

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This is another bridge novella in the Chronos Files series. I enjoyed it far more than the other novella.

This story brought a huge amount of depth to Pru as a character, not all of it likable, but very well done. She’s smart, stubborn, and more than a little mean, but she does have a good moral compass, much as she may try to hide it. Overall, she’s a great character, and I really enjoyed seeing new sides to her. And learning more about her motivations.

I wasn’t a fan of her relationships with older guys, though. That’s something that this series as a whole hasn’t been great about, in my opinion, and this novella goes much farther than the books did. Like it or not, the relationship with Tate is creepy on a number of levels. I would’ve maybe given the novella 5 stars were if not for that, but even with that major hang up, I still think it’s a very good read.

You also get to see Saul in this book, and come to understand how he is both charming and completely awful. He’s manipulative beyond belief, controlling, sadistic, and clearly loves playing mind games.

As much as I’m rooting for Kate, I hope Pru gets to see him go down.


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