Star Federation Database: Mezoran Species


For the indigenous planet, see Mezora.

A species that was self-isolated from the galaxy until recent trade establishment, Mezorans are a large and physically imposing species. In spite of this, they place great value on their ability to keep peace on their own planet, and enforce their policies through strict justice systems. Those unfamiliar with Mezoran culture will find all the rules and regulations of Mezoran society difficult to process, and visitors to Mezora are strongly cautioned to familiarize themselves with Mezoran law even before breaching the planet’s atmosphere. Star Federation authority is not recognized by Mezorans, and the galactic military cannot interfere in any and all decisions Mezoran law may make.

To best understand Mezoran law, one must examine the history of the Mezoran species. Mezoran’s are very large and strong compared to most other intelligent races. While they possess the capacity to walk on their two hind limbs, they prefer to move on four. Their skin is naturally hard, resistant to most forms of attack, including energy pulse fire from standard-issue pistols and rifles. Coloration ranges from reds to browns and other neutral hues. The species has a coarse mane that runs from the crest of their heads along their spines, most commonly black in color, though it does not begin to grow in until a Mezoran has nearly reached adulthood. Finally, all Mezorans possess a second set of forelimbs that are thinner and more agile than their other limbs. These secondary forelimbs secrete a poisonous concentrate from the tips, capable of killing a human in less than a minute.

The poison that secretes from the tips of Mezorans’ secondary limbs is unique to each individual member of the species, sometimes varying in trace amounts only, but always enough to serve as a “fingerprint” for each member of the race. If a Mezoran ever committed murder via their poison, it would be like injecting their victim full of their own DNA. Mezorans consider it rude to expose their secondary limbs, and keep them drawn in close against their bodies, as tight and out-of-sight as possible. Only Mezoran Justice Keepers regularly use or even display their secondary limbs. Though Mezorans have a higher natural tolerance to the poison of their fellows, it was this poison that almost wiped out their species during their Warring Period.

An adolescent Mezoran, with shorter secondary limbs and no mane.

Mezoran history warns of a time of greed and strife, when the species was divided and focused much of its energy on trying to gain the upper hand over rival factions. Their weapons of choice were their own poisons, and they commonly attacked each other at close range, though records indicate that some factions developed weaponry that would enable them to utilize their poisons on a grander scale. The fighting grew so bitter and widespread that the entire population of the planet was involved in the Warring Period, and when the poison weapons were introduced, their numbers plummeted towards extinction.

Recognizing the self-inflicted danger the Warring Period posed, Mezoran leaders came together to establish a lasting truce and work towards a peaceful future. This resulted in the strict justice system still in place today, as well as the self-isolation from the rest of the galaxy as they worked to rebuild their numbers. With a healthy population once again, Mezorans have begun opening their “borders” to trade and visitors, even accepting some immigrants based on a sponsorship policy.

Modern Mezoran society is built around communal contribution and benefit. Everyone works towards the betterment of the planet, and is granted the necessary means of survival in return. While this socio-economic system has been implemented in other parts of the galaxy, nowhere else has it been so successful. In fact, “survival” on Mezora is considered “luxury” on most other worlds, making it a desirable immigration point. To successfully immigrate to Mezora, one must obtain business sponsorship from a Mezoran, and then go through a rigorous screening process to determine the usefulness of a given individual entrepreneur. While Mezoran society has room for locally produced creative enterprises, it tends to shun those things from immigrants and place a higher value on those who can help Mezoran society move towards stability as it slowly exposes itself to the rest of the galaxy.

The success of Mezoran society is thought to be due to the Mezoran justice system and the “bearing of truths” through an intricate color coding system. Both of these aspects of Mezoran culture are detailed in their own entries within this database. See Mezoran Law and Mezoran Color Coding for more information.


This post is related to my science fiction series The Star Hunters. Both those novels and this post are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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