Star Federation Database: Yukarians


One of the three dominant races of the galaxy, Yukarians originated from the planet Yukara, located within the Aurora Star System. The territory they control is the second-largest independent sector in the galaxy, greater even than human-controlled space. Unlike the reclusive Hyrunians, however, Yukarians have maintained open relations with the Star Federation and have granted movement through a significant portion of their territory as part of an alliance with the military. It has been speculated that without this alliance, the Andromedan War would have dragged out for years, devastating the galaxy and destroying countless lives.

The exchange of technology and knowledge between the Star Federation and the Yukarians has led to advanced starships and weapons utilized by both parties, though Yukarian designs are generally considered superior. Most Star Federation starships are heavily based on Yukarian models, though with some modifications made for more advanced weaponry. The most notable examples of Yukarian-based Star Federation ships include the Argonaught fleet of dreadnoughts, the Leviathan cargo carrier fleet, and the Kraken transport cruisers.

Renowned for their intelligence, Yukarians are considered one of the most advanced races in the galaxy. Visitors to Yukarian worlds have reported strict adherence to laws and regulations resulting in overall peaceful and prosperous societies. While humans and other species are often surprised by the highly restrictive regulations of Yukarian law, the Yukarians themselves seem content with their governing and social structures for the most part. Dissenters are quick to leave, and never return to Yukarian space; they are the only known Yukarian “criminals”.

Yukarian “criminals” are rare, and though they are not officially part of the Star Federation, a large number of them have enlisted in the military. Most of the Star Federation’s Yukarian members are part of the Intelligence Unit, but some serve as soldiers. There is one representative Yukarian fleet commander (FCrd. Kaijindar) as per the Star Federation’s alliance charter, but due to their non-official status, they do not have an admiral within the Star Federation at this time.


Yukarians are characterized by their naturally thin frames, three-digit appendages, large heads, and pointed features. There are no discernible physical differences between the sexes other than the shape of their antennae: males have longer antennae curving back over their skulls, and females have shorter antennae curving outwards, though both sexes have displayed the ability to move their antennae independently of their bodies.

Yukarians adhere to a strict gender binary, but their species has the ability to choose their own sex prior to coming of age and developing their antennae. This has been general knowledge across the galaxy for years, but very little is understood about the biological process due to Yukarians fiercely guarding their adolescents and keeping them away from any sort of interactions with other species until they have come of age.

The easiest way to determine a Yukarian’s age is by the coloration of the individual’s antennae. Yukarians are naturally blue with skin tones sometimes pulling towards purple, but as they age, their antennae begin to turn deep blue starting at the tips and moving down towards their skull. It has been observed that a Yukarian’s life ends when the blue stain has overtaken the antennae in full and touched the individual’s forehead. It is unknown if this is purely coincidental or if there are biological factors involved. Yukarians are very unwilling to disclose any information regarding their life cycles in general, but death is a sacred topic for them and they do not discuss it with anyone outside their species. For this reason, the average lifespan of the Yukarian species is unknown, but it is thought that they are able to live for approximately 150 sidereal years.


This post is related to my science fiction series The Star Hunters. Both those novels and this post are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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