Resolutions for 2017 #poweredbyindie

My “Year in Review” post for 2016 was pretty pessimistic. Given how that year went, that’s probably surprising to no one, but hey. It’s a new year. While I’m personally of the opinion that it’s going to be a hell of a ride, I’m cautiously optimistic about getting a few personal projects and goals accomplished. So, in the spirit of cautious optimism and starting out on a brighter note than 2016 ended on, here’s a look at some of my resolutions for this year.

Star Hunters Book #3

I am aiming to have the first draft of book 3 done by the end of this summer. With BookCon coming up, that might be a bit too ambitious, but my target publication date is the summer of 2018. I think the current draft is sitting somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 finished, so we’re getting there! Of course, there will be a lot of rewriting and editing to do, but the first and hardest step is getting the initial pages written. They are definitely in the works, though!

BookCon + Arkin Plushies

These go hand-in-hand. As you may have heard, BookExpo of America / BookCon 2017 will be in New York City, and I’ll be attending BookCon only on June 3-4. I’ll be located in the BookCon-only booth spaces, and my booth number is #2677. I’ll post a map with my booth circled at a later date, but for now, be sure to get your tickets if you haven’t already!

So, at BookCon, I will have several arkin plushies with me, all to sell. I’ll have mostly beanies since they’re smaller, lower-priced, and easier for me to make, but I will have probably 3-5 bigger ones with me, all made with a new pattern. That I need to get moving on. It’s not even drafted yet… So. I will be very, very busy until BookCon is over.


Star Federation Database Entries

I keep threatening promising to post more of these, and I’m happy to say that I finally got some quick drawings done for two of them, both of which are now queued up for a later date. So, at least those are definitely in the future. I have about 8 total that are drafted and just need art to punch them up. My goal is to finish the majority of them, if not all of them. It’s mostly just a matter of finding the time to work on them.

All right, those are some of my goals for 2017!

Anybody have any of their own that they’d like to share?

P.S.: Don’t mind the hashtag. I’m interested to see if sticking that in the title has any bearing on the stats for the post.


2 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2017 #poweredbyindie

  1. Hello, fellow author, and Happy New Year! I’ll be in booth 2876 at Book.con next June, right near you, so I’ll say hello. Any advice for a first-time exhibitor? It sounds like it will be wild, crazy, crowded, and fun. I’m here in New York, far above the Magnolia Bakery of “Sex and the City” fame, so the commute to the Javits won’t be too difficult. Best wishes, Cliff Browder


  2. Hi Cliff!

    Happy New Year to you, as well! That’s very exciting that you’ll be at BookCon, too. Please do come say hello!

    I don’t have any advice as far as BookCon goes as this will be my first time at that event, but having sold at other conventions, I’ve found that directly engaging with people can be both difficult and incredibly rewarding. Sometimes, people don’t want to give you the time of day, but others are wonderful to talk to and are excited about what you have to offer. Have you ever exhibited elsewhere?

    My main piece of advice, though, is to bring a few bottles of water for yourself, along with a snack. Nothing worse than being hungry and/or thirsty when you’re trying to sell something!


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