Thoughts on “Buan: A Company of Heroes”

51usffiqujlThis is the second book in the Buan series. For me, it’s another one for the Did Not Finish shelf.

I’ll be keeping this brief as I did not make it very far into the book before putting it down. As I noted in my review of the first Buan book, I was hoping the writing would be more mature this time around. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

As before, there was too much detail in all the wrong places, leading to dragging pacing, incidental plot, and characters that feel flat. They and the narrator also over-explain everything. The narration will note something that happens, the character will note that the same thing happens, then there’s a final confirmation for good measure. Readers don’t need all of that. Say it once, note any differences if there’s a relevant change, then move on. There are also far too many instances of something “apparently” and “seemingly” happening.

I’m not interested in finishing the series. But as I said last time, I do think that the author has a lot of raw talent. With a lot of polish and honing of his skills, he could be a very strong writer. That’s something I will definitely look for in the future from him.


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