Art Sites

I mention in my various bios that, in addition to writing and plush making, I also draw and (on the rare occasion) paint. These pieces I like to upload to Redbubble and Society6, which makes them available on a variety of merchandise. You want a dragon t-shirt? I have those. You want a mug featuring a true fantasy football team? I got you covered. You want a shower curtain with an alien landscape? I have that, too.

UL Planet Posters

I do this mostly for the enjoyment of it. It’s just too much fun to not do anything more with my drawings. But it’s also a nice way to offer merchandise tied to my novels that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer. On both sites, I have a section dedicated to Star Hunters merch, so if a travel poster from one of the worlds within my scifi series catches your interest, you can pick one up from either site.



ice-dragon-hoard-inspection-printsI’ll be adding and possibly removing designs from the site over time, depending on when I get things finished. If you want to keep up with new posts, subscribe to this blog, and / or follow me on any of these sites:


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