Review of “The Great Symmetry”

glome8This book won the Grand Prize of the 2015 Cygnus Awards. It’s pretty easy to see why.

While I didn’t quite get what I expected from the summary (less angry capitalism, more espionage, was what I thought I would get), that means that the book played out in an unexpected way. From start to finish, the storyline was interesting to follow, with plenty of intriguing characters that present vastly different perspectives on the same events.

Speaking of the characters, there’s a very solid cast overall. I would have liked to see more of an arc regarding Evan and Maya, but everyone is compelling in their own right, and they provide a solid base for what I’m sure will develop into a series. Kate was probably one of my favorite characters as we get to see her fall from power, and then rise again, albeit in a different way.

As for the writing, the style is strong and clear. There are very, very few typos scattered throughout the book, if you even notice them at all.

Without spoiling anything, I will say that the pacing gets a little bogged down in the middle of the book when the main group reaches a cave, but the climax following that scene is wonderfully tense, and includes several perspectives, bringing in tension from multiple sources. That can be risky as it can all too easily destroy tension if the author reveals too much, but Wells handles it perfectly and the multiple perspectives work extremely well.

So, in short, The Great Symmetry is definitely worth picking up if you’re a sci-fi fan.


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