So, we are all voting on the 8th, right?

It’s that time. Election Day is coming this Tuesday, November 8th, and we Americans are going to set the tone of our future.

I, like many others, are… well, a stronger synonym for “concerned” would be best here, but we’ll leave it at that for now. At the end of the day, we do live in a country where you have the right to vote for who you see fit. So, to that end, please go out and vote.

Younger people: you DEFINITELY need to go out and vote. You are the ones who will live the longest with the consequences of this election, and the ones following it. You may believe that your voice does not matter, but that is a lie purposefully fed to you to keep you silent. Go out. Vote. Vote early if you must. Lots of states allow mail-in ballots and early voting, so just DO IT. Google “early voting” and you should be able to find instructions for your state. It’s not difficult, and you can do it. And, for those who have just turned 18, bring some form of identification with your birthdate on it, like a driver’s license. You will most likely need ID to vote regardless, but this is especially important if you’ve just turned 18 and are voting for the first time. You may breeze through without trouble, but I had a hard time when I first went to vote. I had my driver’s license on me and that served as proof of my age and eligibility, so they legally had to let me vote. If you went through the registration process, do not let them block you if someone tries to give you trouble.

A few key things to remember:

  • You can vote early by following official instructions for your state.
  • You CANNOT vote early by TEXTING. That is some garbage scam circulating around the internet. Don’t do it. You can’t text to vote, you need to go through the actual process.
  • You are, by law, allowed to go vote on voting day. Most people will vote as their schedules allow, but if you cannot get to the polls outside of work / school / whatever, you should speak to your employer / teacher / principal / whoever you need to about going to vote. It is your legal right (and responsibility) to vote.
  • While you don’t have to vote for everything on the ballot, you should vote for as much as you can. Voting down the ticket is important, and only voting for the future President isn’t enough. Get informed on the other elections going on in your state, and make the best choices you can in each category that you can.

For more information on voting, go here:

And, while you can X the tab on my ramblings at any time, I’ll use this space to make another plea to seriously consider who it is your voting for. A politician with email scandals is not ideal, but a narcissistic, lying, cheating, bullying fraud and criminal is not a better alternative. Please think long and hard about your choice for not only our leader, but the future representative of America around the globe. And please, please think about what we need as a nation. I know that it is unfair to demand that those going through hardships think of others before themselves, but if there’s one thought I want to leave you with, it is this:

A country standing on a foundation of hate will never stand strong.


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