The “Rejected Princesses” Table of Contents Contest

Do you like badass women of history, legends, and folklore? I’m inclined to ask, “How could you not?” but that’s a whole barrel of worms I’d rather not open today. So, if your answer to that question was no, please remove yourself from this site as you will not enjoy the remainder of this post. Or a lot of other posts on my blog, probably, but I digress.

Anyway. Rejected Princesses is a great blog to follow, showcasing the heroic, terrifying, amazing, and / or horrifying women from around the world that history has often overlooked. You may know some of them, but I’ll bet many you’ve never heard of. It’s a great way to learn about important figures of the past that you might not have learned of otherwise, and particularly not in school. Many of these women do not have stories that are exactly child friendly, and we Americans will often go to great lengths to “save the children.” Often questionable lengths. But I digress again.

One of the Rejected Princesses. Art by Jason Porath.

The point is, Rejected Princesses is a great blog full of information and some pretty cool illustrations, and there is going to be a book. Featuring 100 entries on historical or legendary (sometimes both) women from around the world and all walks of life, the book is set for release in October. It’s currently available for pre-order, and to top it off, the author is offering a free signed copy to whoever can guess the most amount of women to be featured in the book. 20 entries have already been revealed, but there are 80 who are still a mystery, and those are the names you’ll need your sleuth skills for.

Full rules and details can be found here:

I’ve already entered and while I know I have a few wrong, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the remaining 80 names, as well as the book. I need it in my library, and will definitely be picking up a copy.


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