The Future of “Fire and Feathers”

Some of you may remember when I had a story in the works called Fire and Feathers. It was hosted via the application StoryShift and was a fantasy hybrid of the Choose Your Own Adventure genre and serialized fiction. Every time I released a chapter, I would include a choice at the end, and readers would vote on which option they wanted the main character to pick. It was fun while it lasted, but sadly, StoryShift is all but dead now, and most if not all of the stories have been discontinued. It was just too much to keep cranking out chapters for a readership that was only decreasing as time went on, and not really having any interaction with those readers beyond seeing the tally of their votes.

It’s too bad as there was a lot of potential for StoryShift, and it was a fun ride, but this good thing did come to an end before it reached its full potential. I’m not one to let stories die completely, though, and while Fire and Feathers will not be updating on StoryShift again, I do have plans for it.

After my Star Hunters series is concluded, I plan on picking Fire and Feathers back up. I liked the foundation enough to explore potential outcomes for the narrative, and I still like the overarching story. It won’t remain as is. Things will be ripped apart and stitched back together, timelines will be streamlined, important details will be fleshed out and plot inconsistencies and character wrinkles will be smoothed out. It will need a lot of work, but the plan as it is now is to turn Fire and Feathers into not one but two novels.

One will focus on the bookish young man who forms a bond with a strong-willed griffon, and the companion novel will follow the brave young woman who bonds with a fierce dragon. They are tied together by destiny, but now that they’re forging their own paths, they each have their own side of the story to tell.

So, that will be my post-Star Hunters project. It will be different in so many ways, but I’m looking forward to it. I hope you are, too.

And of course, Arianne and her phoenix companion Tana will return in the reboot. They have very important roles!

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