A Tip for Goodreads Readers (+ Authors)

Earlier today, I discovered that Unbroken Light has more reviews on Goodreads than I thought it did. Problem was, two of those reviews were attached to editions that had been submitted to the Goodreads database independently of the one I had uploaded to my author page. They were listed as separate books, written by separate authors when they should have all been in the same place and by the same person.

I’m not at all upset about this, nor do I think this is anything to be upset over. In fact, I was actually pretty excited to discover this hiccup. It meant that the book had performed better than I thought it had on the site, and had been very well received by two other readers. (Yay!!) The only bad thing about this is that those reviews were far removed from the actual book and located on an entirely different page, and anyone who checked out Unbroken Light on my actual Goodreads page was going to miss them.

This turned out to be an easy fix as the Goodreads Librarians Group has a thread dedicated to merging duplicate author profiles. For Goodreads Authors who have not joined this group, you really should, as they can help with a variety of issues, and the people who run them are very efficient. You should always do your homework before posting as there may be an answer to your question somewhere else on the site, but when an issue like this demands help from a user with Staff or Librarian Status, they’re usually pretty quick to resolve the problem, often fixing it within a day or two (in my limited experience with them, that is). One of those duplicate author profiles is already merged with my official author profile after posting about it this morning, and I have brought the other to their attention. Huge thank you to those who helped / are helping with this. You’re awesome.

1389221056-1389221056_goodreads_miscA tip for readers, though: Be sure to take a thorough look on Goodreads before submitting a book to the database. I know the intentions are good, and I actually really appreciate the efforts of those who made those duplicate profiles as I’m sure they were trying to be helpful. But if you can find what you’re looking for via the search bar or through an author’s page, it saves you some time and effort, and keeps the database clean. We have those nifty author badges in the upper right corner, so that’s a quick and easy way to tell what is and is not an official author profile. 🙂 There are, of course, some authors who aren’t Goodreads official for a variety of reasons, but if the page has a lot of activity on it and all or almost all of the writer’s works are listed, that’s generally a good bet. Indies like me tend to have the author badge, though!

For Goodreads authors: If you find a duplicate profile, bring it to the Librarian’s attention in the appropriate thread and be done. Be sure you’re asking for the right profiles to be merged before posting and use the correct links, but it really is a very easy fix as far as we authors are concerned. I have no idea how difficult it actually is for the Librarians or Staff to perform this task as I have zero coding knowledge, but I hope trying to keep the database in order is helpful to them in some small way.



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