2015 in Review

It’s that time again. That time of looking back on the year and thinking about how fast it actually went, and allllllllll those things I didn’t get to do for one reason or another.

But there were also those things that I DID get to do, and I hope you remember all the things you accomplished and/or saw as signs of growth, too.

Because a new year isn’t daunting enough, have this creepy clock spiral!

2015 in Review, or A Select Few Thing I’m Willing to Share With You:

  • Finished writing the first draft of Unbroken Light
  • Joined HabitRPG, now Habitica (and currently at level 91, thank you very much, quantified productivity site!)
  • Watched my laptop completely wipe itself of almost every important file I had saved to it. Became a strong advocate for external hard drives. Several of them.
  • Got accepted into a Renaissance Faire, am now frantically building up inventory. So many dragons, so little time…
  • Learned the painful importance of good posture when writing / working
  • Became a Bernie Sanders supporter
  • Successfully Kickstarted Unbroken Light
  • Published Unbroken Light
  • Began fully plotting book #3 of the Star Hunters series
  • Participated in Inktober (and discovered I am still terrible at drawing humans!)
  • Received a Cygnus Award nomination for Chasing Shadows
  • Experimented with Twitter, doubled (I think…) my follower count. Will detail that empty experience later.
  • Made a decision regarding my life and future, to be enacted upon in 2016. Hopefully.
  • Read not as many books as I had hoped to. Resolved to read more in 2016, and especially more by indie and self-published authors.

There was more. Quite a bit more, really, but not the sort of stuff you tell strangers on the Internet, and I sincerely doubt you’d want to read those things, anyway. Suffice to say they were those hidden, personal moments that made up the rest of one year of life. And now it’s time to see what 2016 will bring.

See you on the other side.


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