Inktober + OC October – Final Batch

First Batch.

Second Batch.

I’m sad to say I did not finish this challenge. I ended up burning out by the end and was so sick of drawing people that I just lost my motivation to finish it. I also got very busy at the end of the month as I had to start focusing on a lot of other things all at once, but that’s not relevant here. Anyway, I had fun with the aliens and mythical creatures and some of the humans, but I still had mostly people to go in the end, and after getting the major characters out of the way, I was left with minor characters that I just didn’t really want to draw. Next October will just be plain Inktober for me, and I’ll stick with fun themes that won’t demand so many people. I managed to crank out a few drawings that I am actually fairly pleased with, and I got to play with that wonderful brush pen, but I’ll just enjoy myself next time and have fun with it!

But for now, without further ado, here’s the final batch of my Inktober + OC October drawings.

Inktober + OC October Day 18: First Lit Tyrath

A member of the Seventh Suns leaders, Tyrath oversees Awakening work across the organization and keeps a close watch over the bases scattered throughout the galaxy, though current circumstances demand that she give higher priority to the more advanced stations. She often works closely with First Lit Rosonno, though neither is particularly happy aboutthat these days, and their once amicable relationship is now strained and cold. Whatever she’s up to in this image, it’s probably going to annoy Rosonno, and she’s couldn’t be happier about that.

Tyrath appears in my upcoming science fiction novel “Unbroken Light”

((Her foreshortened hand / arm as a whole is definitely a bit… Off. Is what I get for being too lazy to find a decent reference… I like this more dynamic angle though. The character portraits were staring to get a bit boring.))

((Meh I’m not pleased with this one… Drew it while tired and I think it shows. Didn’t come out as I imagined. Ah well. It is what it is. Maybe I’ll draw a better one another time.))

Inktober & OC October Day 19: Haelin

Awakening overseer of the Daanhymn base, Haelin is ambitious and fully dedicated to the Seventh Sun, but hates where she’s been assigned. Daanhymn is a dead end to her, and she dreams of bigger and better things, much to the disappointment of her partner Vinterra, who loves Daanhymn and the planet’s mutated flowers.

Haelin has elongated bionic fingers on both of her hands. This is from an experiment with new technology that she volunteered for. Most people find them a bit unnerving at first, Vinterra being an exception to that.

Haelin appears in my upcoming scifi novel “Unbroken Light”

((I almost don’t want to share this one, it’s so laughably bad, but eh, that’s the point of challenges. They make you confront your weak areas and get better.))

I’m not very good at drawing men, I’ve realized. When I go more cartoony I can generally get a design down but this way… Eh. Need more practice. Nose is especially off on this poor guy. Whoops. ((AND THE MORE I LOOK AT IT THE MORE I LAUGH WTF DID I DO TO THIS POOR GUY’S FACE AHAHAHAHA))

Also weapons. I have no idea what I’m doing in that department

Day 20: Fleet Commander Lance Ashburn

One of the highest taking officers of the Star Federation, Lance holds authority over a large sector of the galaxy, and is free to craft his own agenda as all fleet commanders are. Though his past has some gray areas, his service record is impressive, and he holds his rank at a relatively young age. Not one to always follow protocol, Lance is either very intuitive or blessed with remarkably good luck, though a run in with bounty hunter Lissa turns his life upside down.

Lance appears in my science fiction novels “Chasing Shadows” and “Unbroken Light”

Inktober & OC October Days 21 & 22: Moranas and Mayrah

An aeromancer through and through, Moranas is the second youngest member of the council of Elders. He has a very quick mind, though it’s often too quick for some, and his tendency to jump from idea to idea can be difficult to keep up with. He has a kind heart and a gentle nature, however, and though few are interested in learning aeromancy, his bond with his few but faithful students is often deep and strong.

Mayrah is his Pegasus companion. She is a graceful, agile “wind dancer” and greatly enjoys synchronizing with Moranas’s aeromancy motions, which gives her wind to play with and greatly boosts her speed. Watching Mayrah fly with Moranas’s conjured winds beneath her wings is truly a wondrous sight to behold.

Moranas & Mayrah appear in my StoryShift fantasy story “Fire and Feathers”

((Aaaaand that’s all she wrote! Or… drew. *clears throat*))

Inktober & OC October Day 23: Captain Erica Anderson

A determined and dedicated officer, Erica is one of the top captains of the Star Federation. Her service record is impeccable, though her leadership style is more rigid than that of her fellow captain Jason Stone. Erica prefers to focus on one task at a time, and puts all of her energy into seeing her duties completed. She hates to leave anything unfinished.

Erica Anderson appears in my science fiction novels “Chasing Shadows” and “Unbroken Light”


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