The Masquerade Crew’s November Cover Wars

This is pretty cool. The Masquerade Crew, known for their book review website, has an additional feature called the Cover Wars. This is a little mini contest where book covers compete against one another for votes. Anyone can visit the site and vote for the cover(s) that catches their fancy.

This month, the cover of my scifi novel Chasing Shadows is battling it out for a spot in Round 2. I’d really appreciate any and all votes!

Link to the full list of covers in this month’s Cover War.

Link to the poll where you cast your vote(s).

Available now on Amazon and Smashwords.
Available now on Amazon and Smashwords.

There’s a bunch of other covers featured from now until the round ends in December as well, so you can take a look at quite a few options and vote as you see fit, though there’s no limit on how many votes you can cast this time around. You can vote once a day for as many or as few book covers as you’d like.

The site even says you can vote for them all, if you’re so inclined.

Whatever you wish to vote for, the Cover Wars is a cool and fun little contest, and I’m excited to see which covers progress to Round 2.


2 thoughts on “The Masquerade Crew’s November Cover Wars

  1. Hey,

    Little trick I used before on a vote once a day poll … Use your cell phone to vote when your not connected to your home wifi and you can also connect to a different wifi say a coffee shop and vote – its all IP address related so you can vote on once a day on any different IP or cell number… LOL … Have fun a vote 😀



  2. Ah, that would be the way to get around it! That always feels a bit dishonest to me but I’m sure there are others that dance around the system. I haven’t actually seen that particular voting system give a message saying that you’ve already voted for the day, either, so I feel like there’s something strange going on with the way it’s calculating votes as it is. I know they had technical difficulties last month and switched to this new voting platform for the November-December Cover Wars… I guess I’ll just see if I can’t get Chasing Shadows into Round 2 or not, though! Thanks!


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