Inktober + OC October – Second Batch

Round two of the October art challenges, Inktober + OC October. Round one here! I think I’m getting better at people. Slowly. Maybe… More importantly, aliens are always fun!!

It’s like a goat and a dinosaur made a hellspawn together. I’m so pleased. Inktober + OC October Day 11: Ametrian Species

Thankfully isolated to a single planet, Ametrians are one of (if not the) deadliest creatures in the galaxy. Essentially angry eating machines, they have a one-track mind and tend to bite anything new rather than investigate it. A massive species that by all accounts should have gone extinct by now given the environment of their home world, Ametrians are proving to be ruthlessly hearty. They are the largest creatures on Ametria and rank among the top ten largest species in the galaxy. Probably. (You try measuring and weighing one. See how well it goes.) No one has bothered to give them a specific species name because no one really wants to study them. At least, no one who is still alive. Excursions to Ametria tend to be short and fatal, even if you don’t meet one of these monsters.

Ametrians are an alien species that appears in my scifi novel “Chasing Shadows”

Inktober + OC October Day 12: Captain Jason Stone

An officer of the Star Federation, Captain Jason Stone is a level-headed leader with a strong service record. He is a very skilled pilot, handling all starships from the massive Argonaught models all the way down to single-person fighters with ease. Jason is one of a handful of pilots capable of taking the Hellhound fighter model into dogfights, a starship design that is notoriously difficult to keep under control.

Jason is a character in my science fiction novel “Chasing Shadows” and the upcoming sequel “Unbroken Light”

Day 13: Myrikanj the Yukarian

A hyper-intelligent species, Yukarians are one of the “dominant” species of the galaxy, controlling a large territory outside of Star Federation jurisdiction. They are allied with the Star Federation, however, and Yukarians can be found throughout the military, though the majority of them prefer to work within the Intelligence Unit. Not all Yukarians are pro-Star Federation, however.

A member of a renegade crew under the command of a human captain, Myrikanj the Yukarian enjoys the thrills her life outside the law brings to her daily existence. Though often relegated to computer work, she occasionally joins in field raids when it catches her fancy, though her last mishap with a firearm means she’s not allowed anywhere near her crew’s weapons arsenal. Or the ship’s pulse cannons. Anything that shoots, basically.

Myrikanj appears in my scifi novel “Chasing Shadows”

((The design here is hardcore Hollywood alien. Wanted to have a bit of fun with that.))

Inktober + OC October Days 14 + 15: Allare & Calchas

Second oldest of the Elders, Allare is a skilled ‘mancer in all four elemental fields, and pioneered the astromancy discipline. She is now a master astromancer, though she rarely demonstrates her abilities to anyone other than her chimera companion, Calchas.

Brooding, silent, and fiercely protective of Allare, Calchas has a softer side, though they reveal it about as often as Allare shows off her astromancy. They enjoy aiding Allare in her star readings, though they wish the doors around the academy were a little bigger as very few of them can accommodate Calchas’s massive size. It’s hard to be an assistant when you can’t fit through doors.

Allare and Calchas appear in my StoryShift fantasy story “Fire and Feathers”

Inktober + OC October Day 16: Fang Min

Living and working on Mezora with her two brothers, Min is the CEO of a successful starship and cruiser dealership, and helped build the company from the ground up. Driven and dedicated, she is a savvy business woman, though her first interest was in mechanical engineering, specifically starships, and she’s kept that interest throughout her life. In her spare time, she enjoys tinkering with ship designs and has been talking to manufacturers about modifications and possibly even a brand new ship design. She and her brothers remain close, though they don’t always see eye-to-eye, and her older brother recently moved to another city to head up the newest branch of their business.

Fang Min appears in my upcoming science fiction novel “Unbroken Light”

Inktober + OC October Day 17: Orios

Eldest of the Elders, not much is known about Orios’s past, which is quite a hefty chunk of time, given his age. Originally a geomancer, Orios now specializes in necromancy, a mysterious discipline that most people agree is best left to the masters. In his old age, Orios’s lucidity is slipping away and he often complains of being exhausted, but he is still an incredibly powerful ‘mancer and is not to be trifled with.

Orios appears in my StoryShift fantasy story “Fire and Feathers”


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