Inktober + OC October – First Batch

I missed out on Inktober for the past few years and decided to make a point of participating this time around. I wanted to focus on line work with a brush pen (which is turning out to be so much fun, I love it!!). I decided to combine the Inktober challenge with OC October, which requires you to draw one of your original characters each day for the month. So, here’s the first batch!

A lot of these were pretty quick and definitely have some anatomy problems, but they were all fun to do. Some scheduling issues resulted in a couple of two-for-one days because I am terrible like that, but I am going to have 31 characters all inked out by Halloween. Here are the ones done so far, along with some short bios:

Asteria the Griffon – “Fire and Feathers” via StoryShift

Asteria is a very proud griffon, and is often quick to share her opinion without regard for tact. Although very young, a self-induced magical growth spurt has pushed her towards her adult size, though her over-eagerness to harness this ability may have unforeseen consequences. Flying is already proving difficult as she has not developed the required strength, wing size,and coordination over a slow, natural period, but her inclination towards wielding magic of her own someday clearly has taken solid root. Tied to a teenage hero by the mystical aspects surrounding her birth, Asteria will undoubtedly play a large role in the shaping of her world.

Kedar the Dragon – “Fire and Feathers” via StoryShift

Possibly even prouder than Asteria the griffon, Kedar is fiercely competitive with a wicked tongue to match, though only other creatures and his bonded companion Miranda can understand him, which is probably for the best. A fire breather of mixed lineage, Kedar is currently at his most awkward growth stage, but his heritage promises that he will grow to a fearsome size.

Miranda + the Unnamed Hero – “Fire and Feathers” via StoryShift

Born under a prophecy, these two spent their whole lives living as one half of a whole. Now that their eighteenth birthday and the day of their Choosing has come, they have finally pbegin to diverge and take different paths. One is destined to rise up as the true Child of the Prophecy and serve as the greatest hero in the world. The other will attempt to destroy the world.
But no pressure, really.

Miranda has begun studying pyromancy under Arianne with her dragon companion Kedar. Brave and decisive, Miranda stresses action over reaction and can be counted on for quick but firm decisions. Her training is progressing quickly.

More of a reactor than Miranda, the unnamed hero is a thinker rather than a doer. He commits to his decisions once they are made, but takes his time deciding, often reviewing all of the facts and possible outcomes of every situation before making a move. A student of aeromancy, his training has been much slower than Miranda’s, and his griffon companion Asteria is often frustrated by this. He remains unnamed as he has not yet discovered a true name for himself, as is a customary rite of passage among his people. A combination of being away from home for years and not quite feeling like a fully separate person yet have delayed this further.

Vinterra – “Unbroken Light”

Vinterra is a scientist working on an outpost base. Her field is in biology but she often assists with Awakening work due to a staff shortage, though her gentle nature is not a good fit for that. She prefers to spend her time studying the mutated flowers of her assigned location and the effects their pollen has on her fellow Neo-Andromedans. Her work has recently come to the attention of the leaders of the Seventh Sun, and is proving to be invaluable.

Vinterra is from my upcoming science fiction novel Unbroken Light. I drew her eyes a little more upturned than I meant to, but overall, I’m quite pleased with how she came out.

Blade and Orion – “Chasing Shadows” and “Unbroken Light”

((If they could talk, this would sum their personalities up pretty nicely. Probably a lot of anatomy issues here but eh. Needed a quick, cartoony day instead of something realistic. It’s been one of those weeks. Modeled Orion’s pose after a playful stance I’ve seen my dog take every time he gets in a pouncing mood.))

Blade is a smaller arkin than Orion, but she’s probably the better fighter of the two. Where Orion is frisky and energetic, Blade is more reserved and focused. She takes no crap and has a more independent personality, often going out on her own to hunt, though she is careful to always keep track of her companion / owner, Lissa. Even though she enjoys independent hunting sessions, Blade is still fiercely loyal to Lissa and would fight tooth and nail to protect her (and has actually done so on a few occasions).

Orion hates to be bored and isn’t afraid to let everyone around him know it. Though Blade is a better fighter thanks to some rough experiences, Orion is larger and stronger, and his greater wingspan allows for faster flying, though both are very quick and agile in the air. The scar on his flank is from an energy pulse wound inflicted on him when he was very young. Originally bred for pit fighting but rejected for being the runt of the litter, Orion was saved from a grim fate by his companion / owner, Lance. The two have been inseparable since that day.

Lissa, bounty hunting clothes – “Chasing Shadows” and “Unbroken Light”

I drew Lissa in travelers clothes last time so it was time for an outfit change. She wears a black, tight outfit for hunting, which is made out of thermal fabric (kinda like Under Armor…). It’s warm enough for most temperature, though she needs additional layers for colder areas, hence the dotted lines here. Good outer wear isn’t as sleek as the hunting outfit, though, and is prone to snagging so she typically tries to avoid it when she can. But just for the record, she’d never be caught dead in spandex or the like. She still needs mobility, warmth, and the all-important coverage to help blend in with darkness and shadows, where she prefers to snipe her targets from.

Lissa appears as one of the main characters in my science fiction novel “Chasing Shadows” and the upcoming sequel “Unbroken Light”

Also her hand seems small here… can’t figure out if that got exaggerated by the angle I was holding the sketchbook at or not. I think it was… looks better IRL.

And that’s it for round 1. More to come next week!!


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