Halfway There & Orion the Arkin Plush

First thing’s first, and the Kickstarter campaign for Unbroken Light is officially halfway to the endpoint. It’s climbed up to 63% funding thanks to the amazing backers who have already pledged. If you’re thinking about jumping onboard, now is a great time to do so!

And now for the main attraction.

After a lot of work and some extra detailing, I have finally finished the plush version of Orion the gray arkin. He is made out of silver and black minky fabric, has machine-embroidered eyes and a scar on his back leg (as is consistent with his character description in the books), and measures in at 24″ long. He’s a big boy!

I’ve got some more photos of him up on Tumblr, but if you’d like to own Orion, Blade, and maybe an arkin plush of your own design, do check out the Kickstarter. Arkin plushies are available for the higher pledge tiers and come with a bunch of other cool stuff in addition to signed copies of the novels. The campaign ends on the 16th of October, but there are a few rewards with limited availability so be sure to get a spot while you can!


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