Kickstarter Raffle – Win “Snowdrop” the arkin beanie prototype!

If I haven’t said it enough already (and yes, I’m going to keep doing it until the campaign is over, brace yourselves) I am running a Kickstarter for my second novel. Pledges for as little as $1 would be greatly appreciated, as would any and all shares among your friends who like science fiction that features female bounty hunters who take no crap, giant space armies, tons of action, and more aliens than you can shake a stick at.

Speaking of aliens, though, one species that figures heavily into my novels is the arkin species. Large, winged, catlike, and on one occassion, described as adorable space dragons, arkins are fiercely protective and loyal companions. I made two plush versions of them for the Kickstarter campaign, but as a way to keep the energy up and say “thank you” to my friends and supporters, I thought it would be fun to hold giveaways for the first two arkin beanies I made, aka Snowdrop and Latte. Snowdrop is up for grabs first!

Snowdrop the arkin beanie prototype!
Snowdrop the arkin beanie prototype!

Snowdrop is made out of fleece and is the first arkin beanie I made. I made several changes to the pattern after finishing this little one, but Snowdrop is still adorable and would love a new home (and a new name, if you see fit to bestow one)!

You can win Snowdrop in a number of ways, though either Facebook or Tumblr, and/or by pledging to the Kickstarter campaign for any amount.

Latte the little brown minky arkin will go up in a separate raffle in a couple of weeks, but for now, Snowdrop’s giveaway is running until September 23. Join while you can!


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