Kickstarter in Mid-September (?) for “Unbroken Light”

I’m definitely making a Kickstarter happen for Unbroken Light. I’m planning on making this more of a soft opening for the book rather than a push for needed funds to complete the project, though. I’m going to offer Star Hunters merchandise that I couldn’t otherwise offer, however, and will definitely need backer support to make those things happen.

I’ve backed Kickstarters before, but this will be my first time running one. I’ve been doing a lot of research in addition to getting rewards together so here’s hoping it all pays off. Just getting things together for the rewards has been stressful. Can’t imagine what it’s going to be like to actually run the campaign. Wish me luck, folks. I’ll need it.

On a brighter note, I have most of the graphics done for the campaign, including the planetary posters and digital wallpapers that will be available as rewards. Next up are T-shirts and a Kickstarter-exclusive / “limited edition” poster, along with some more research into items that I’d love to offer if the campaign meets its stretch goals. One stretch goal is going to be for the manufacturing (and shipping to backers) of metal keychains. I think those would be so cool! But we’ll shoot for full funding, initially.

I’d like to get the Kickstarter running in mid-September with the official release of Unbroken Light sometime in late November, possibly early December. That should give me enough time to get the paperback hardcopies of the book printed and shipped to backers before the official release date, as will be promised in the Kickstarter. Ebooks will be easy enough to send out, but I’m most worried about the hardcopies. I’ve used the printing company before and they have a decent turn-around time and have been very reliable so far, but the timing is my main concern. Additional rewards may need to be shipped out at a later date (the plushies that I’ll be making by hand will definitely need to go out later), but as long as I can get the books printed and in the mail on time, that will be a victory.

In the meantime, stellar scifi artist Adam Burn is returning for the cover art, which is really exciting. I’ve seen a preview image and it looks wonderful. I cannot wait to get the final product and officially reveal the cover of Unbroken Light!

So, the gears are turning, things are happening, and my second novel is coming. I’ll have to post a preview chapter or two. Keep an eye on my blog for that, the cover, and more news about the Kickstarter!


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