Great Tumblr Writing Blogs to Follow

I haunt Tumblr. Mostly for the entertaining content my dashboard presents to me (and I mean things that are genuinely intended to be funny along with a bunch of glorious images shared by artists so skilled it’s actually painful), but there are also a few writing blogs that I follow. These range from blogs giving general tips to ones that specialize in particular areas. And because I’m in a sharing mood, here are five of my favorites:

  1. The Writing Cafe – One of the general tip blogs, The Writing Cafe also occasionally reblogs writing opportunities, including job openings and contests. Other content includes writing resources such as master lists, writing prompts, technical information (such as copyright info), and answers to pretty much any kind of Ask followers send in (provided the Ask Box is open).
  2. Legit Writing Tips – This is a bit of a blend of a tip blog and a personal blog, with emphasis on the writing tips part. I say it’s a blend, though, because the mod has a very colorful personality and it often shines through. Which I really love. From a professional standpoint, though, she gives insightful and helpful answers to a lot of general writing questions, ranging from the nitty gritty technical stuff to character development and stylistic choices.
  3. Writing With Color – This blog has been immensely helpful to me, personally, though I’ll be the first to say that I still have a lot of growing and learning to do as a writer. But anyway. Focusing on racial and ethnic diversity in fiction, the mods offer a ton of information on their blog, which is an absolutely invaluable resource for complex world-building, or even just instances where there is a disconnect between a writer and one (or more) of their characters. Writing With Color is a great place to start when it comes to character research, though you should be willing to supplement your findings with additional research. They are not a “How to Write an _________ Character” blog.
  4. Fuck Yeah Character Development – Specializing in character growth and development, FYCD is sadly not updating as often as it used to due to the mods having lives outside of Tumblr (as is the case with every blog on any given site, as you probably already know) but their archives are packed with information on believable character arcs, tropes, and some general questions you might have while writing fictional characters. They also continue to post writing prompts on a fairly regular basis so if you’re looking for some quick inspiration, their prompts are a good place to start.
  5. How to Fight Write – Another specialization blog, How to Fight Write just might be one of my favorite blogs on Tumblr. The mods are chock full of all kinds of combat information, and they provide some fascinating, in-depth responses to questions concerning — yep, you guessed it — fighting. This ranges from hand-to-hand combat all the way through sword fighting and gunslinging, and how characters with different weapons and / or skill sets would realistically fair against each other. Just an incredibly helpful blog if you’re ever writing a fight scene of any kind.

A note on Tumblr blogs for those unfamiliar with the site: Most blogs, including the ones listed above, tag their posts with helpful keywords and phrases. This is for your benefit. They strongly prefer that you run a search on their respective blogs for tagged posts related to any questions you may have, and only send in an ask if your question has not been answered after doing some digging. They get a lot of asks every single day, so this is not only done out of courtesy to them, but also as a way for you to quickly find an answer to your question as they may take a while to get back to you. If you can find your answer in the tags, then you’re good to go! For similar reasons, you should also check out a blog’s FAQ, if they have one.


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