My WordPress blog got a makeover.

Pretty much as the title says. I wasn’t thrilled with the other theme and decided to look for something that was both more functional and more aesthetically pleasing. At least in my opinion.

So, I’ve got a lovely new theme now. I’ll have to draft up a new header image to replace the default photo at the top, but I am liking this a lot better. The content section isn’t an endless scroll of words, the archive calendar is easier to read and dates with posts are now shown in red as opposed to those wimpy underlines that got lost against the bold numbers, the links stand out a bit more, and hell, even the Goodreads widget looks better. I also decided to add the Merchandise links beneath the Storytelling ones, all leading to my Dragons by Kris shops. My bio does say that I also draw and make dragon plush toys, so there’s the proof / examples, for those who’d like to check my shops out. There’s also a Search bar at the bottom of the page now, which should make it a bit easier to find specific posts if you have an itch to go find one.

Yeah. I’m a fan of this theme. It’s just so much cleaner and easier on the eyes. Makes me wish I’d gone with it or something like it in the first place. Live and learn, I suppose!


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