Habit RPG

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A little over a week ago, someone over on Imgur posted about a site called Habit RPG. I checked it out, and I have to say, I think it’s one of the greatest motivators I’ve seen. At least as far as apps go.

Habit RPG is probably one of those things that most appeals to a specific kind of crowd, namely the one that tends to enjoy RPGs and similar things on their own, but if you are looking for a new way to quantify your goals and motivate yourself to get daily tasks done, check off items on your to-do list, and encourage good habits while working through bad ones, I recommend giving the site a shot.

As you complete real-world tasks and check them off, your character levels up and gains access to new features within the site, like pets and mounts. That feels rewarding in its own way, but you also earn virtual gold that you can spend on armor and weapons for your character, or real-world rewards that you set for yourself. For instance, if you complete all of your tasks and have earned a total of 20 gold, you can “spend” 10 gold on a slice of cake or 5 gold on a small piece of chocolate or whatever else you would consider a reward. Or you can spend all 20 gold on a shield for your character. It’s totally up to you how you spend your reward points, and no, you don’t actually use real-world money in these scenarios. You can donate to the site in exchange for premium gem currency, but if you want to play totally for free, you can do that, too. There’s a lot more to the site, but I’m still pretty new to it and haven’t moved too far beyond the surface level, from what I can tell. I know I’m going to fight a boss, eventually. That should be fun.

I found a puppy!
There’s me! And I found a puppy!

I like this site because I enjoy being able to check off real-world goals and tasks, and actually get something on the return. Finished projects are rewarding in their own way, sure, but when you have long-term deadlines and bigger projects, it just feels good to be able to break them down and actually see your progress from another angle, not to mention watch that progress have a positive impact on your character, even if said character is just a few pixels on a computer screen.

Overall, I’ve found Habit RPG to be very helpful and enjoyable, and if it’s piqued your interest, I recommend giving it a shot.


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