And That’s a Draft + Short Story Contest

Book 2 of the Star Hunters Trilogy is finally written. Or at least the first draft is. With some basic formatting that will eventually be changed once I get to the point where I need to deal with the headaches that are Amazon’s and Smashwords’ formatting guidelines, the first draft clocks in at 218 pages and ~ 76K words. That’s just a first draft, though, and it’s already out for feedback. I need to let it rest for a bit as is, then go back and see what I need to revise, add, subtract, mangle, stitch back together, and / or leave mostly intact. Mostly. Plus feedback reviews and all that jazz.

Before that happens, though, I’m going to do a just for kicks entry for a contest from the Tumblr blog, Discovering Indie Writers. They’re a fairly new blog but are very dedicated to helping out indie writers, so check them out if you haunt Tumblr at all. They’re also holding their first short story contest, so go show some love for that:

My story is going to be different from what I usually write, and I think I’m going to do some illustrations to go with the text and then pop it on CreateSpace and the like, just because I can, and because I really need a fiddly project while I wait for feedback on book #2. Hopefully my entry will be a way to blow off some stress rather than creating more, but it should be fun.


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