Giveaway Done! And… so are my ratings?

The Goodreads Giveaway came to a close on the 18th, and I just put the winners’ copies in the mail. It’s a weirdly detached way to close out the giveaway. Close to 900 people entered on Goodreads, about half of which marked the book To-Read. I have no idea how many of those people are actually going to go on to read it, but I figure that’s a pretty decent statistic, and I hope that some pick up a copy at some point in the future. I’d love to see some more ratings from readers!

Speaking of ratings, my Amazon ones seem to have disappeared. Again.

Not all of them, though. The ratings that are attached to written reviews are still there, but the others have vanished. I had 12. Now I have 3. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and I really don’t understand what’s going on there. I hesitate to contact Amazon because I’ve heard of other authors going through the same experience and reaching out to Amazon, only to have ALL of their reviews removed rather than reinstated. Go figure.

Mine did come back once, so I’m hoping they’ll eventually pop up again, but it is frustrating. Ratings and reviews are pretty much the lifeblood of independently published works. They’re what help sell books, and help said books reach the right audience. Come back soon, Amazon ratings!


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