Maybe I’m biased on this one. Maybe.

When we (meaning humans in general) talk about handmade vs machine-made products, it’s easy to get into a huge debate about the imaginations of people and the cold efficiency of machines and then we get into Terminators and Matrixes and so on and so forth.

It’s fun to talk about but eh, not feeling it today.

What I’ll talk about instead are stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals are adorable. And snuggly. And all around awesome. And no, they’re not just kids’ toys made for warding off closet monsters and under-the-bed-lurkers. They’re great for that, but adults can love ’em too.

There’s a lot that goes into the construction of stuffed animals. Mass-producing them via machines definitely speeds things up and makes everything easier, but then again, you will lose out on the individuality that makes each one unique and, yes, special. I make and sell dragons through my Etsy shop, Dragons by Kris, and trust me when I say that no two are identical, no matter how many times I use the same pattern. I’m a beginner-intermediate plush maker at best, though, so even though I’m trying to expand my abilities, I’m a ways off from the pro level. What do I mean by pro level?

This lady.

I mean, look at her stuff…


Basically, my plushie-making idol. 

Then there’s this lovely lady who makes amigurumi animals:


There are tons of other great plush makers out there, and it’s really incredible seeing what they can create with fabric and thread. So, in the battle of human hands vs. mass-production machines, I put stuffed animals and plushies as a tick in the humans column.


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