So CreateSpace was actually pretty good…

… when it came to sorting out a technical difficulty regarding the book cover for “Chasing Shadows”.

I’ve seen a few frustrated authors post about CreateSpace’s support team, and the automated responses that they received to their inquiries and concerns. I don’t know if I got lucky or what, but I actually had a really positive experience with their staff. Now, don’t get me wrong, the site itself can be really tricky to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing. When I first went to submit my files, there were a lot of things that I had to research and puzzle out on my own, but it IS doable. I’m currently holding a printed copy of “Chasing Shadows”, so trust me on that one.

Once you get past all of the technical stuff, though, it’s fairly smooth sailing. The review process is pretty painless, and CreateSpace fired off my proof copies pretty quickly. They say to expect your proof to arrive within 2 weeks, but I never had to wait that long. Granted, I’m a USA customer, so that may have had something to do with it. CreateSpace did print and ship the books within a day or two of me ordering the proofs, though. So that was pretty good.

When I got my first proof copy, though, I was less than pleased with the result. The interior was totally fine, and I was really happy with the construction of the book, but the cover was… well, take a look for yourself:

IMG_9272 IMG_9340 IMG_9128 IMG_4182

Not exactly what I would call stellar quality.

So, I sent a support ticket to CreateSpace. I tried to explain the problem as best as I could, and then waited for a response. I was expecting an impersonal reply that would tell me that the problem was somehow on my end, but that was not the case at all. Within a day, a representative emailed me back, saying that it sounded like a printing problem, but he requested that I take photos of the cover and send them back to CreateSpace, just to be sure. I took the photos above, sent them back, and was told that it was indeed a problem with CreateSpace’s printing press. The rep told me that it would take a couple of days for him to get ahold of the technical team and sort through the issue, but assured me he would be getting back to me.

Sure enough, about 4 days later (which includes a weekend, I should mention, so more like 2-3 business days), I received another email from the support team. It wasn’t the same person who had asked for the photos, but the new rep told me that the problem had been resolved, and that they were sending me a new proof free of charge since the mistake was on their end.

All in all, not too shabby.

The reps were pleasant throughout the process, and though there was a lot of formality, I never got the feeling I was talking to a robot. They actually were genuinely eager to help, and were happy that they could.

As for me, I’ve got my final proof of “Chasing Shadows”, and I’m pretty thrilled with the result. So, my fellow indie authors, if you’re looking for a printing press, CreateSpace isn’t an unfriendly option. There may be others out there better suited to your needs, but it’s working for me, and I’m pleased with my experiences thus far.


Oh, and is probably fairly obvious, “Chasing Shadows” is now available for purchase as a paperback. It will hit the Amazon store in a couple of days, but you can buy it through CreateSpace (an Amazon company) now!


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